It seems like just yesterday that I got my first German Shepherd but it was over 50 years ago. I had always admired them but had to wait until the family moved to a house with a large yard. Even then I knew what I wanted - what I love best is exactly what the standard calls for - an athletic dog of great character, endurance, trainability, and beauty.

Fairway - v Nadelwald started when Terry's kennel burned and it was time to refocus. We wanted foundation stock that would give us the building blocks to consistently produce those traits we value. We wanted what many refer to either as "the total dog" or "the golden middle". Both refer to the dog of balanced structure and balanced temperament. Extremes of structure or temperament, while maybe suitable for a limited purpose, are not the ideal.

We also knew that we wanted to expand our gene pool by doing some outcrossing. For us that meant using imported blood to blend to the American bloodlines. Both the European and American bloodlines are linebred, but by blending them, you get a much broader base. We knew the style we wanted. We stuck to correct dogs as close to the standard as possible. Those requirements can be met in both American and imported lines. We wanted import bitches rather than an imported male as that gave us more flexibility in finding the right breeding partner.

We had Ch CovyTuckerHill's Fly'n Jib Bodega PT TC OFA - a black and red dog of correct size, balanced but powerful movement, a handsome plush coat, and excellent trainability.

Our first import bred was Von Nassau's Izzy v Trillium PT TC OFA, a blend of VA1 Kimon, VA1 Jeck, and many other top European dogs of that time. She was large, powerful, and had an absolutely incorruptable character. Most of all, she truly complemented Jib. They were also best friends and herding partners. The Izzy's daughter Hermine, sired by an import, produced a Ch, ROM and a number of top performance daughters.

We then added a linebred Adam bitch, Proven Hill's Zsa Zsa vKepps OFA, who, when bred to Jib produced the "golf" litter, including Best in Show Ch Fairway's TeeTime Bodega, Can Ch Fairway's SandTrap Bodega, and the fabulous producing Fairway's In The Ruff Bodega.

Finally we added another imported bitch, V Xenta v Lammersbeek SchH1 TC, a daughter of VA Natz Steigerhof. About the only thing I would have changed about Xenta is the paling factor she got from her father. However, when bred to an Ursus son, to Ruff, and to Gucci, she produced offspring who had excellent pigment.

This foundation gave us the consistent quality we wanted. Whether we bred to our dogs or to outside dogs, we could feel confident we would produce the style of dog we value.

In the time since the fire we have produced Champions of both American and German/American bloodlines, and these have themselves produced quality dogs. We have produced performance dogs who compete in many venues. We have produced true working dogs - Police, Avalanche and Service dogs. And we have produced fabulous companions. And their style is consistent and it continues through the following generations.

Jib, Izzy, Zsa Zsa and Xenta are long gone now. Now we have dogs who are the result of many generations of Fairway dogs. The Gordy-Maggie breeding blends all of our foundations - Jib/Izzy/Zsa Zsa/Xenta through our favorites of their offspring. And they are proving to be what we had aimed for - athletic, great character, trainable, efficient and effortless gait, and they are beautiful to look at.
Fairway - v Nadewald