Tillie-Marshall pups Day 2
After a long night of taking care of her babies she took time out for a nap.
Dolly is an expert at raising GSD puppies. She carefully watches that everyone does their jobs properly.
Once the pups are up and about Dolly teaches them how to properly respect her. She raised all three Maggie litters and all those kids remember her and treat her with respect.
Toshi - Tillie's sister - is in no mood to be an aunt, Those pups should be hers. After all, she had a litter first. She learned about being a super Mom first. Now she knows she can do it better. If only we would understand.
Sumo wonders what all of the fuss is about.
The litter also has an arial observer. Gizmo is a Double Yellow Headed Amazon who excels at calling "Puppy, Puppy, Puppy" when we want the puppies to come in from a romp. He tried to be Tillie's Lamaze coach but Tillie was not following through. Gizmo also helped raise the three Maggie litters so he has lots of experience.
Support Staff
Jim is usually on the road and gets to enjoy these puppy moments via the phone. This time he is here for the big event. He got to worry with us and celebrate the 10 healthy pups with us. Best of all, he loves the dogs and they are nuts about him.
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