Tillie-Marshall pups Days 3 and 4
I forgot to mention to Jo how quickly Tillie learns things - and Tillie learned that she can get anything she wants by smiling nicely. She has a great smile.

I guess she told Jo that Super Mom deserves special treatment starting with properly served breakfast. It made it taste so much better.   :-)

Tillie is back to being her old self. It is ok now to go take a short walk in the yard without racing back to the whelping box.

The whelping box is up against the sliding door to the deck and we replaced the boards that made up the door in the whelping box with the heavy plexiglass door from a parrot cage. That allows her to watch the activity outside if she wants. From the other side of the box she can watch the tv. Life is good!
Oh yes, the kids are fine and growing.
Day 4 was the start of new adventures. They had ther first visitor. Also Tillie's first stranger around the babies.

We are great believers in Puppy Therapy and know that all of our friends will feel better after a few hours of handling puppies. And of course the pups benefit greatly from all of it. Between people, other dogs, parrots, horse and burro, chickens, ducks, goat, and the wildlife that wanders through, our pups get a lot of early exposure to life. (Oh yeah - remember the one who went sliding across the frozen Koi pond ... more adventure than we needed but the pup thought it was great!)
Even in the rainy and chilly weather of the Portland area winter we will be taking them on walks giving them lots of chances to explore. They learn a lot by seeing how the older dogs handle things. Be it logs to scramble over or tall grass to run through or steps to climb, it is all easier with the help of the pack. Winter puppies then also learn about doggy-driers when we get back to the house.

But all that is still in the future. For right now just being picked up and snuggling with a new person is adventure enough.
Thanks Donna for helping today.
Day 3
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