Tillie-Marshall pups Day 5
After a breakfast of lamb stew, goat milk and kibble it was time to get back to the family.

We frequently get asked what we feed - we are flexible is the best answer. The dog's condition tells us what works.

Tillie gets a combination of Nature's Domain grain free kibble, goat milk and whatever the stew of the day is. So far over the last week she has had chicken stew, turkey stew and today it was lamb stew. The stews contain the meat of the day, sweet potaoes, carrots, either red or gold potatoes, and whatever other veggies are at hand. The next pot will include butternut squash and sheep heart. We like to think they enjoy the change but we are sure that we get bored with cooking the same thing.

There are also duck eggs and chicken eggs. It all works for us.
Amazing how much more space they take up now.
The colors are starting to show. This is the brightest pup and she always catches your eye.
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