Tillie-Marshall pups Day 7
It is the end of week 1 and several things happened today.

Jackie and Leon, who own the puppies' Uncle Truman, came by to visit. So it was time for pups to spend some time sitting on other people. Tillie does not know Jackie and Leon so it was a real 'getting to know' you session.
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While some of the pups were being held Tillie took care of the rest.

Gizmo the Amazon parrot showed off his new vocalizing - he has learned to sound just like the puppies nursing. He is also practicing his "Puppy, Puppy, Puppy" call for when they start going outside and need to be called back in. He has watched litters before but is much more interested this time. He spends hours just watching the pups.

Thanks to Leon and Jackie for baby pictures.
The pups also got identification. Our moms never allow anything to stay on the pups this early so we mark them by using fingernail polish. By the time it wears off the pups are ready for ID collars and by then it is fine with the moms. The photo below shows the boy with blue on his right shoulder.