Fairway's GORDON v Nadelwald HXCs  HSCs  TC
Sire: VA Triumph's Gucci SchH3  FH  Universal Sieger
Dam: V Xenta v Lammersbeek SchH1
Gordy was the dog everyone wants. He was kind, trainable, sound in mind and body, a good babysitter for both two and four legged "kids". If you were to ask him he would tell you that a perfect day includes several hours of herding sheep, a good game of Chuck-it, time with the pups, and visitors who tell him how wonderful he is. Gordy was OFA Excellent and AKC Championship pointed.

Gordy is bred here from imported parents. His sire, VA Triumph's Gucci SchH3, Universal Sieger, is well known for producing very trainable dogs with good drives and very good structure. Bred in Sweden, he qualified for the Swedish team to the WUSV World Championship.
was my kind of dog.
OFA Excellent - CHIC
While a hard working dog, Gucci was also a very reasonable dog. The instant I saw video of him I knew I wanted to breed our VA Natz Steigerhof daughter Xenta to him. Then I met him and I knew I was right. That was over 13 years ago and I have been grateful for that decision every day.

Gordy was a solid 25.5 inches, 95 lbs when in working condition (about 105 as a couch potato). He has a nice plush black and red coat. His temperament is incorruptible. While kind to lambs and kids, he had no problem dealing with badly behaved sheep or adults. In a word, he was RESPONSIBLE.

These photos are of Gordy at 8.5 years of age. He was enjoying his life of leisure. Gordy died in his sleep at 12 years of age. He was still active and wishing he could go herding or maybe have another litter ...

Gordy produced 2 HXCs, a Performance Award of Merit recipient, aNW3 Elite and many other performance titled progeny with very few litters.
Gordy was very special and I miss him every day. Having his kids and grandkids to watch makes it a bit easier.