Fairway's Harvey v Nadewald RAE2 CD
Fairway's In the Ruff Bodega x Fairway's Oh My v Nadelwald
A 3/4 brother to the performance girls PAM Teva, Raika HXCs, and others, Harvey and his owner have earned their titles although they neither live near training nor showing locations - Harvey has his father's sensibility and his mother's humor. And the structure we hoped for from this breeding.

His pedigree includes show winners from both the German and the AKC rings.
American Grand Victors and Selects as well as German Siegers and VAs.

The Harvey - Hazel litter produced some really nice pups which have the best of both sides of the pedigree. The litter was distantly linebred on Jib and a linebred Adam granddaughter, and added GV Bungee, GV RMan, VA Gucci, VA Natz. They show every promise of following in the Fairway mold of excellent trainability and very correct structure.

Harvey is owned and trained by William Davidson. He shares his home with Fairway's Ursa CD,RAE, a Gordy/Ch "Tia" PT daughter and they split their time between Idaho and Arizona.

Harvey and Ursa at the Grand Canyon
William and Harvey