Tillie-Marshall pups - 10 weeks old
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The kids head to new homes
Castle at his new home

He's learning to garden
Cassanova heading home
Catherine heading for her new home
Cosmo heading home with new GSDCO members
Cher (Winter) is going to continue her vocal stylings with her cousin Stormy
Leaving their first home - so bittersweet. They are heading out to new adventures with wonderful families and taking the next steps to becoming the wonderful dogs we strive for.

Meanwhile here are some more pictures from here -
There is a momentary hold on leaving as the next round of worming happens. Then Carma heads out.

Meanwhile they are learning more things, having more romps, having more grooming sessions and on and on. There are just a lot fewer nails to trim, bodies to brush and mouths to feed.
He has a large yard that is getting some new cross fencing. Fortunately Dan has Cosmo to supervise the job.

All of these pups could easily demonstrate how to handle the strange footing section of the GSDCA's temperament test :-)
Saturday February 13
Carma had a great day today.

First she figured out how to climb out of the puppy pen whiich meant that after teasing the others she got to help with chores.
Then she got introduced to the kitchen sink - thought that was cool.  
But something great was in the air ...
Olson family - good Carma has entered your life!
Oh - well - not quite what she had in mind.
And finally at the new home ...
It was a VERY big day.
Watching these pups grow up is our reward for everything that has gone into producing them and for all the work their owners are putting into raise them properly.

We will continue adding pages of photos as they grow up.