I'm glad I listened to him when he decided to stay. His pedigree includes some of my favorite dogs and he represents the best in them.  Xenta, Gucci,  Ch. Jib, Ruff, Izzy - they all live on in this handsome dog.
Fairway's Satchmo v Nadewald  TC     "Louie"
   Louie's handsome black and red coat just highlights his really nice structure. But best is his fabulous personality. He is FUN. He wants to learn. He wants to be right. And even as a small pup, when something startled him, he went forward to investigate.
   We did not plan on keeping another boy - but then it occurred to us that Gordy was over 7 and would be well over 10 by the time we raised a new dog. Meanwhile Louie had been telling me right along that he was not going anywhere. Just like Gordy did when he was a pup.
Fairway's Gordon v Nadelwald HXCs x Fairway's Imagine v Nadelwald
German-American cross
Louie growing up ...
OFA  h/e
Louie learning hard surface tracking