Fairway's Imagine v Nadewald  TC

   She is a combination of the dogs we like best - Jib, Izzy, Xenta, Gucci, and Ruff. All of them are excellent working character and beautiful in structure. Maggie follows in their paw prints ...

   Maggie is one of those dogs who always does everything right so you neglect formal training. She is a natural tracker and has a ton of prey drive as you would expect in a good tending dog. She is calm and reasonable when working and has the kind of enthusiasm to keep up a game of fetch all day long. She can also curl up in front of the fireplace and wait for you to please get off the computer and do something with her.

... and did I mention she is beautiful??

Maggie is OFA h/e
Sire: Fairway's Foster v Nadelwald x Dam: Fairway's Garbo v Nadelwald 
Maggie tracking. She is pretty awesome!!!
Her sire Foster
"Sir Walter", Gordy-Maggie son
OFA h/e