Fairway's Margo v Nadelwald PT TC
Margo was born right after Kent's heart attack and since Terry and Kent retired and became snowbirds shortly thereafter, she has spent most of her life traveling between Oregon and Arizona. For the last 6 or 7 years "Oregon" has meant a wilderness cabin that is totally off grid while Arizona means living in a community. She has made sure Kent and Terry get their daily exercise, kept bear, deer and cougar out of the cabin garden, made sure everyone is safe from people not following proper behavior, and raised pups. Her 4 mile hikes are shorter now and naps are longer. But she is still in charge and still makes sure that no matter where Terry goes, she is not alone and unprotected. Her mother lived to 15. Margo has now out done her. We know each day is a gift and are thankful for each. Good Girl, Margo.

Sadly Margo left us one week before her 16th birthday. Happy Trails, old gal.
Heading down towards the river to take some pictures. But first Margo had to remind her great grand niece Lani to follow the rules. Lani was so impressed the Great One paid attention to her. She followed all of the rules happily.