Von Hamm Luzak We've Cleared The Tower  "Marshall"
We look at a lot of dogs and study lots of pedigrees looking for the right breeding combinations that will produce the kind of dogs we value - smart, willing workers, sound in structure and temperament and easy on the eyes. When I first saw "Marshall" I did a double take. He was just a goofy pup and had a lot of growing to do before his bits and pieces all fit together. But you just knew that he could be exciting. He is now just 18 months old and is starting his show career. Not only are his structure, gait and pedigree impecable but he has a wonderful personality.
Marshall belongs to a friend who has had quite a bit of success (like multiple Bests in Show, Bests in Specialty Show, Best Brace in Show) and we know how hard it is to find a new dog to measure up to those. Randy has his new dog and Marshall a best buddy. Can't wait for Randy and Karen to see the babies. Marshall won't be impressed - who needs wiggly squirmy things that might one day want to steal your ball???