Earning training titles takes more than just a trainable dog, it also requires a talented and  dedicated owner/handler/trainer who is able to take the dog and establish that wonderful working partnership.

Among Fairway bred or related dogs are:

GCh Fairway's Sumo v Nadelwald CGC. Jo is really new to dog shows and she learned as Sumo won. Sumo will continue showing at local shows while also going back to tracking. Sumo was the first Fairway dog to complete his Grand Championship.

Fairway's Ursa v Nadelwald RAE4 CD.  "Ursa" was listed as the #1-ranked German Shepherd in Rally Combined for this year by Front and Finish. Good job to Ursa and her owner/trainer William Davidson.

PAM Fairway's Tory v Nadelwald PT RN NJP NFP MXJ MX MXF and her co-breeder, owner, trainer, handler Patty Bensene had an amazing career. Agility, herding, rally, Nosework - for Tory the list of activities goes on and on ...

PAM Fairway's Raika v Nadelwald HXCs HSAs HSCs PT NAP ThD is one of the first German Shepherds in  the country to be awarded the new AKC title of THERAPY DOG (THD). Raika and her owner/partner Donna Schoonover have logged several hundred of hours doing therapy work at residential facilities, hospitals and schools. Their very favorite is taking part in the READ program at the library. Raika is in such demand that her READ schedule is fully booked 6  months in advance.

PAM Fairway's Teva v Nadelwald PT RN OA OAJ NF AXP AJP OFP TC, Tory's mother and Raika's younger sister, added Nose Work to her many accomplishments. She belongs to Patty and Rick Bensene who have done all of the training and handling.

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