Puppies are due in April.
These pups are raised in the home with the other dogs and even a couple of parrots. They get a good start with early neurological stimulation and lots of socialization with chickens, goats, ducks and horses. Before  leaving here they will also have had a car ride and been introduced to a crate.

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Since getting my first German Shepherd some 45 years ago and learning everything I could about the breed, the bloodlines, health and temperament, the promise of producing that dog that is as close to ideal as possible and finding the match with an owner who is as ideal as possible for that dog is still an all-consuming passion.

It takes dedication to do it right.  I do not have many litters and never do a breeding unless I have the time and energy to raise them properly. It has never been about how many puppies can be produced. It has always been about how to make sure each of my pups has the the right start to give him the chance to become the dog his new owner needs.

As each litter is born and matures I get closer - It has been a long journey from that first German Shepherd to this new litter and I have had many wonderful experiences along the way. Each puppy carries within the promise to be the best one yet.