Fairway's Tillie v Nadewald     
   When you are the youngest of the family you often are last in line when it comes to pictures, etc. So it goes with Tillie. But now Tillie is stepping into the limelight as she presents us with our first litter in several years. It is easy to fall in love with her - she is quick to learn and wants to do anything you can think of. Can't wait to get her into tracking as her nose is on par with Truman, Sumo and Tory.

   Tillie is a younger sister to Louie.

For more information on the litter
Fairway's Gordon v Nadelwald HXCs x Fairway's Imagine v Nadelwald
German X German/American cross
OFA  h/e
Tillie as a baby ...
The  x-ray said she is pregnant with 9-10 pups due Thanksgiving. The sun came out today so we took the picture.
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