Fairway's TRUMAN v Nadelwald
ORTa, ORTb, ORTc,  NW1,  NW2,  NW3, RAT-I,  RATN, L1V, L1E, L1C, L1I, L2V, NW3-I, NW 3E,  NW 3V,  CGC, PT,  TC TKN
Sire: Fairway s Gordon v Nadelwald HXCs, HSCs TC
Dam: Fairway s Imagine v Nadelwald  TC
Truman and Jackie have titled in Barn Hunt, Nose Work, Herding and are also working on tracking. And they gave Trick Dog a try and earned their TKN title.

When not working on the various peformance  events, Truman can be found holding down the fort at ride camp when Jackie takes the horse out on endurance rides.
Truman also joined the Meet the Breed booth the GSDC of Oregon held at the Rose City Classic dog show.
Jackie with the first of the awards earned by her and Truman.
Truman earns more titles
Tracking across a parking lot