Fairway's Ursa v Nadewald  RAE4 CD
Fairway's Gordon v Nadelwald HXCs x Ch Schatten's Showtime v Fairway

Harvey and Ursa at the Grand Canyon
URSA EARNED AN INVITATION TO THE 2016 AKC NATIONAL RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP! Congrats to this fine team on their accomplishments.

Breeders create dogs with potential. It is owners that take that potential and turn it into reality. So it was with the little red-collared puppy in the Gordy-Tia litter. William Davidson wanted a companion for Harvey and so off she went to Idaho. Soon she and Harvey were both in training for Obedience and Rally. This was a new adventure for dogs and owner but with Bill's commitment both dogs were soon titled.

But Ursa and Bill went on and Ursa became the   #3,  #2, #4 in year end Front and Finish rankings over the past few years and this year became #1 in German Shepherd Dog Club of America ranking in Rally Excellent & Advanced for the first half of 2015!