Tillie-Marshall pups Day 8-14
It has been raining and blowing so we have been busy. So have the babies. Their eyes opened Wednesday. They are walking. We have one young lady who is VERY opinionated. We decided this is the "C" litter and she is "Carma". She will be a handful - no doubt about it!
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Jo snapped a quick picture of the family tonight just before her dinner.

They got their new carpets. Carma climbed into Mom's food dish yesterday. That was a day before her eyes opened.

Tillie is now getting a few hours out in the run next to Lani. The girls seem to have a lot to discuss and periodically join Louie, Sumo and Toshi is a song fest. I believe the coyotes in the neighborhood are jealous of their singing. They do make a fine choir. She also supervises the opening of the chicken house in the morning. Did not take her long to understand that she can make them move. Her Daddy was a super herding dog and I bet Tillie would be also.
Day 12
Day 10
Tillie has discovered one of the perks of having babies is getting a lot more food and pretty much anything she wants. Cottage cheese is a favorite. So is Longhorn burger (she likes the fact it is delightfully lean and flavorful). Chicken stew with yams and stuff is also good but sort of common as she gets that routinely.
Day 13
When you see them every day it is often hard to see how much larger they are. We moved them out of the box so we could give it a good cleaning and used the same tote we used taking them home from the vet - same pups - same tote. Lots less room!
A mother's work is never done ...
Pile of pups - DeWayne Brown, horse trainer, endurance rider and an excellent photographer dropped by for a visit. He happened to have his phone so snapped this picture.
Uncle DeWayne imparting wisdom