Tillie-Marshall pups Day 14-20
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Day 14
All that excitement soon called for nap time. Below are Erika and one of the boys. Love Kristi's pictures.
Two weeks old and time to trim toe nails.

Kristi and Erika of Gaitaway Shepherds came over today to meet the family. While it was raining hard outside the pups got to cuddle with new people and then discovered  that Jo is an expert nail trimmer.
This is the week when they turn into puppies. They can see each other. They start interacting. They start playing. And by the end of the week they may be starting on food. Mom will be so happy.

This is the age the pups make sure all of us are kept busy. Mom. Auntie Toshi. Gizmo supervising all from his perch high above. Dolly Papillon. And of course all humans - we put all visitors to work :-) .
Tillie has her very own decorations
First sing-a-long - she was not complaining but rather howling along with Jo and Sumo. Maybe this one's name is Cher?
Day 19
While Mom's out Aunt Toshi dutifully watches from the sliding door. She really wishes they were hers.
First Goat Milk meal.
Day 17
Day 20
So today it was goat milk with rice baby cereal. Some like it better than others but all ate. Tillie was in the kennel having lunch but Toshi, Sumo and Gizmo all watched carefully.
And then came the ID collars whch make it easy to recognize them from a distance. In upcoming days we will do individual pics of everyone.