Tillie-Marshall pups Day 21-28
Day 21
Today they are three weeks old and starting their 4th week. They are now getting food three times daily to supplement Mom. It is also the first time potential families get to come and visit. Early and frequent visitation allows us to discover exactly what puppy might be right for each. It is also wonderful socialization.

Watching the pups discover new things each and every day is delightful.

After today's lunch and visit they went back into their whelping box. Later they had dinner and within minutes a wrestling match started. They were fierce and vocal but after a couple of minutes all were happily snoring and waiting for Mom to return.
Day 24
They got wormed today.

To give them a new adventure we opened the sliding door to the outdoor pen to see if anyone was ready to try to "escape" into the outside pen.

There was a lot of interest but as of today nobody was willing to take the first step outside.

Mom has not quite learned to use the pen as a refuge from the teeth that are now there and incredibly sharp.

All the activity got Gizmo all excited and he called "Puppy, Puppy, PUPPY" for a long time.