Tillie-Marshall pups Day 29-35
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Saturday - 12/26
A second day without rain but it is getting colder. The pups are feeling better about the outside pen and are discovering they can play with their favorite ball out here also. The  play gets more determined every day.

Breaakfast was served outside which made the pen so much better. Then play time.
But before long they clearly asked Jo to open the door again so they could go back inside. All 10 of them lined up between her chair and the door.                                              
A tap on the whelping box and the pups head for the box inside.
Once inside it is back to wrestling and tail pulling for a few minutes until everyone falls asleep.
Sunday - 12/27
When puppy pen cleaning and puppies going out in their deck pen time came things did not go as smoothly as planned. The procedure is Jo goes out in the pen and calls them and then plays with them while I get ready to clean the box. They have been very excited to go out and it has gone pretty smoothly for a couple days now. Today Gizmo got involved and as Jo called "Puppy, Puppy" outside Gizmo called "Puppy, Puppy" inside. The result was a whirlpool of puppies in the doorway. Had we not been so busy laughing we would have gotten a video!
Note from Tillie: These kids have TEETH!   Nursing is not so much fun any longer.
Monday - 12/28
Lunch in the outside pen. It is a chilly and damp day but under cover and with the heat lamp it is a pretty good place to stretch out.
They no longer need to be called in (except for Gizmo's call) and when done playing outside they climb back into their whelping box.
Then Mom comes back and everyone gets a feel-good nursing. Mom probably would like them to be 5 days old again when they all fit nicely against her belly and HAD NO TEETH.
These girls were not tired - purple and yellow
They look so angelic when asleep ...