Tillie-Marshall pups - 5 weeks old
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Thursday - 1/7
The winds came. The ice came. The snow came. The power went off. So the postings have been rather sparse. But today the temps were above freezing and there was no precipitation. So they finally got to go out to the pasture and have an adventure. They left their whelping box/pen for the first time. They walked across the deck and down the stairs for the first time. They walked around the koi ponds to the field for the first time.
Tillie came along to help and made sure they all got introduced to everything that is important. There were gopher holes, mole hills.deer poop, pigeon houses and lots of room to run.
They had the chance to show off their tracking abilities and several certainly will be able to maintain the family's reputation with all kinds of scenting activities. After about an hour of adventures there was time for a quick snack before heading back to the whelping box to dry off and warm up.

The difference between 4 weeks and 5 weeks of age is incredible. They are so much more capable now and their endurance is so much greater.