Tillie-Marshall pups - 6 weeks old
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Sat 1/09
2nd trip to the pasture- this time without Tillie.  It was right after lunch so some really wanted to nap but by the time we all got to the pasture they were wide awake and raring to roll.

As the trips to the pasture increase we will try to get individual pics of everyone.
Monday 1/11

It was damp but mild temperatures so we headed out again.
Wednesday 1/13
They change every day
Thurs 1/14
The rains continue so they needed a larger pen on the deck. Jo used to have a large deck - she now has  a large puppy pen and barely enough room for firewood and a grill.

That is a radiant heater they are sleeping under - a really pleasant warmth. They still come into the whelping box just inside the sliding door but mainly when they are worn out from lots of play time.