Tillie-Marshall pups - 7 weeks old
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Sat 1/16
Practicing her well known family scenting skills. Good noses run in the family - just ask Uncle Truman, Aunt Tory, Aunt Gracie, and Officer Quasar.
Sunday 1/17
It was hard to watch that first half of the Seahawk's game so the pups got nails trimmed and an introduction to chicken - yummy chicken!
With Dolly's help we got pics of Silver, Green and Orange. Then the Seahawks decided to start playing and we stopped taking pictures. Should have continued with the pictures!
Monday Jan 18
Uncle Louie (Tillie's older brother) came out to take the kids for a romp today. Louie is a wonderful babysitter and made sure everyone got lots of attention. However he would like them to learn that they cannot nurse on his equipment! Ow!  Orange who looks and acts like he is Gordy Jr. spent a lot of time mirroring Louie's actions. I keep reminding myself that it is not Gordy.
Tan trying out for Trick Dog.
Friday Jan 22
True Oregonians - these pups do not care what the weather is. They want their outing come rain or come shine. We prefer the shine to rain!
I really like candid photos to posed photos but when Tan set herself up I thought I would help her just a bit and hoped nobody would run between the camera and us. That happened immediately after Jo took the picture!