Tillie-Marshall pups - 8 weeks old
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Friday, Jan 29
It has been a busy week for all. Puppies meeting prospective owners. Quick trips outside between rain storms. Nail trimmings. Worming. Walks with individuals instead of the mob. Outings with Tillie, Louie and Dolly the Papillon. etc. etc.
They head out in a week so this upcoming week includes a lot more introductions. There will be car rides, further introductions to the leash. More visits. Introduction to a crate. More nail trimming. First bath.
The 2nd outing for the day was with Uncle Louie. The pups love going with him because he is a lot more forgiving than Tillie who is big on enforcing the rules. Louie is the fun uncle.
Yellow decided some time ago that the golf cart was hers. She was the first to climb into it, the first to run through it, the first to demand a ride. I believe we will have to tell her new owners they need to buy her a golf cart of her very own. Earlier she found the ball and brought it to the golf cart. Jo tossed it, she retrieved it and climbed into the cart with it where she stayed until she finally got tired of that ball. She does not care how fast you go or how bumpy the ground - she loves going for rides.
Uncle Louie watching over his charges
Castle "Orange" fine tuing his nose.
Along with nail trimming comes the chance to be "the special one" and be a part of the family without the other siblings. Silver rather likes it.