Tillie-Marshall pups - 9 weeks old
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Sunday Jan 31
Monday February 1
It snowed last night and then it rained and washed it all away so by the time we took Tillie and the kids out it was just muddy. But it did not stop the action ...
They do not care if it rains or snows or sleets or thunders - it is play time and there are adventures to be had.
Tillie is fast!

Yellow spent lots of time with the Christmas stocking that was in the back of the golf cart. They all took turns trying to get it but it wasn't until she finally found something she liked better that others got a chance with that prize.
Finally Red got a chance to have it. Then Purple.
Green practicing obstacles as Tillie looks on.
Shots and worming done, it is just a few days before they start heading off to their new homes. It is probably more stressful for us as we know what's ahead. For them it is just more new experiences that all end with heading back to the pen and the next meal.
Tuesday February 2
Purple - this girl would be awesome in performance events. She is smart, agile, and already has great focus.
Cosmo and Cobalt (Green and Blue)
Cher, Cobalt and Castle learning to watch. They think this is the best - right along with eating and playing with Mom.
I hope we can all feel the kind of joy Tillie expresses when she plays with her kids. Now that they are weaned and she has gained all of her weight back she just relishes the romps with them. She insists they all behave but then she just lights up and playtime starts. She has truly been wonderful through all this - the c-section, the 10 pups to raise.  So this is the fun part. She does not know that they will start leaving at the end of the week. Maggie, her mother, and Xenta, her grandmother, would be proud of her -